The Method

The Method

Attend an MNRI® Assessment Clinic

Assessment clinics are a quick way to access highly qualified Certified MNRI Core Specialists. A family typically chooses to attend an MNRI Assessment Clinic when:

  • They do not have access to a local certified MNRI resource in the area they live and would like guidance putting together a basic home treatment program.
  • Families who want to have a basic assessment completed by a Certified MNRI Core Specialist to help guide a treatment program at home with a more junior certified MNRI resource (one who is working toward becoming an MNRI Core Specialist)
  • Families who have previously been provided a home treatment program though attending either an MNRI Educational Family Conference or another MNRI Clinic and would like guidance updating their MNRI home Treatment program

Clinic Session Duration:

During a session, a family can receive an assessment with Dr. Masgutova.  The assessment session takes about 30 minutes. Additional time can be scheduled with a highly trained Core Specialist working with your family and implementing the therapy as suggested by Dr. Masgutova. A family can choose to participate in one session or multiple sessions.  The number of sessions a family is allowed to sign up for is limited by the number of sessions available on the Assessment Clinic schedule at the time of registration.

Clinic Session Focus:

MNRI Neuro-structural and Dynamic and Postural integration technique application, a general assessment (gained through integration technique observation), and a basic home program checklist along with a basic review of techniques important to continuing home program at home.

Upcoming Clinics, Individual Session Fees & Registration:

Refer to the MNRI event schedule on the Masgutova Foundation website for a list of upcoming clinics, to determine clinic session fees and to begin the registration process.

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