Masgutova works in conjunction with qualified sponsors to offer Masgutova coursework, Family Educational Conferences, and Assessment Clinics to interested professionals and families all over the world.  Sponsors play an important role in coordinating area logistics, managing the registration process, and supporting the administrative processes necessary to deliver a positive Masgutova event experience.

Ideally, potential sponsors should:

  • Be familiar with the MNRI® Method
  • Play an active professional or personal role in an established practice or in general support of the Masgutova Method
  • Be familiar with and connected to organizations, networks, and resources to successfully communicate and promote the Masgutova event to professionals (target trainees) and to special needs families most likely to attend and benefit from the event

Be willing and able to devote sufficient time and attention to the role and meet the responsibilities of a sponsorship as specified. Work with the single-minded goal of making the Masgutova a success for all constituents.

Individuals interested in learning more about sponsoring a course or clinic should fill out the Inquiry Form Here.