MNRI Advanced Program
Children with Challenges

The children with challenges course focuses on individualizing programs for children who have highly significant developmental challenges. These individuals may display aggressive behavior, deep worry and fear, have autism, cerebral palsy, or delayed intellect or emotional development. These children have great needs and are often the most challenging to assess, understand, and support. This four-day course trains professionals, parents and caregivers how to adapt MNRI techniques despite the depth of challenge present. General MRNI Method theory is also emphasized during this class as the material covers a broad range of developmental deficiencies and associated reflex patterns. Specific reflexes addressed in this class include:

Primary Motor Reflex Patterns
Asymmetric Tonic Neck (ATNR) Hands Supporting (Parachute) Spinal Galant Babkin Palmomental
Landau Spinal Pereze Babinski Leg Cross Flexion
Symmetric Tonic Neck (STNR) Bauer Crawling Moro Embrace Thomas Automatic Gait
Bonding Pavlov Orientation Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex Flying and Landing
Robinson Grasp Trunk Extension Hands Pulling  
Additional Motor Reflexes and Reactions
Abdominal Foot Tendon Guard Robinson Grasp Fear Paralysis