Learning The Method

Learning The Method

MNRI® Advanced Education Program

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The Advanced Education Program is available to certified MNRI® Core Specialists who hold advanced degrees (e.g. Masters Degree). Core Specialists may elect to study to become an Instructor/Lecturer, Assessment Specialist, or Researcher. MNRI Core Specialist must receive approval to begin any of these Advanced Education Programs, and with this approval may also obtain a certificate in any or all of these specialties and can pursue them in any order.


MNRI® Instructor/Lecturer: This certification requires additional coursework in Dynamic and Posture Reflex Integration and mastery in the MNRI® course that the candidate wishes to teach. MNRI® Instructors/Lecturers play a central role in the Masgutova organization. This position requires deep knowledge of the Masgutova Method® and foundational science. Consequently, it is expected that MNRI® Instructor/Lecturers will stay current on the Masgutova Method® and will devote a large percentage of their practice to the Masgutova Method®. 
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MNRI® Assessment Specialist: Certified MNRI® Core Specialist should contact SMEI for details.
MNRI® Researcher: Certified MNRI® Core Specialists should contact SMEI for details.