Learning The Method

Learning The Method

MNRI® Continuing Education

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The MNRI® Course Educational Program and MNRI® Core in Training program to become an MNRI Core Specialist  recognizes MNRI® students who progress in their understanding of the Masgutova Method® and wish to increase their commitment to the Masgutova organization. Many course participants desire to become certified MNRI® Core Specialists. Others prefer simply to take classes to learn the MRNI Method® but do not seek full certificationas an MNRI Core Speciaist. The MNRI® Education and Certification Programs acknowledge each level of ambition.

Continuing Education Program

The Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute®, LLC is committed to excellence in training to all who decide to participate in MNRI® courses. Formal training of MNRI® Core Specialists began in the USA in 2006, and has had several updates in training requirements since that time. The MNRI® Course Education Program is the entry point for all MNRI® students wishing to become a MNRI® Core Specialist. The MNRI® Core in Training Program consists of four (4) levels of specialized training, which must be completed in order to become a MNRI® Core Specialist. This training program is designed with sufficient rigor to ensure students become solidly grounded in the MNRI Method® and integrative techniques. To enter the MNRI Core in Training Program the applicant must have the following:

  • BA or BS or 2,000 hours of training in an accredited wellness discipline
  • Completion of six (6) sememster hours of training in anatomy and physiology before  the MNRI Core Training Program is completed.
  • Have a notarized MNRI Trainee Agreement on file
  • Have compelted the MNRI Dynamic and Postural course at least once and completed another MNRI Course.
  • Complete at least one case study ready to submit to a professional journal before the completion of the MNRI Core in Training program is finished.

The program is progressive and culminates with full certification as an MNRI® Core Specialist after completion of the following:

  • Completion of at least eleven (11) MNRI® courses (Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration must be taken twice before the completion of the training program)
  • Completion of completion of at least four (4) IPET practicum courses for a total of 128 hours
  • Completion a total of 304 clinical/hands-on hours (accumulated at designated MNRI® Family Conferences)
  • Passed all required practical exams
  • Completion of at least one MNRI Case Study ready for submission
  • Completion of the MNRI® Core Specialist application process
  • Comleted MNRI® Core Specialist Agreement

All MNRI® Cores in Training, who started their continuing education before January 2010, will need to contact the SMEI, LLC office for information on completing their program, if not already completed. MNRI® Cores in Training, who began their training program before January 2010, must complete all required levels of training by December 2012. A MNRI® Core in Training participant who began their program on or after January 2010, must hold a BA or BS Degree  with evidence of at least six (6) semester hours in anatomy and/or physiology.

All MNRI® Cores in Training who started their program in January 2010, will follow the levels listed below. This curriculum program will be flowed into the Intensive Professional Educational Track (IPET) Training Program on March 1, 2013.

Beginning August 1, 2011, all new MNRI Core in Training participants will follow the IPET training program. The IPET program requires the same MNRI® courses, Family Conference hours, and levels of training to be completed as before. The difference is that the pre-conference training will be replaced by IPET practicum courses and the required time at designated MNRI® Family Conferences may be attended in smaller increments of 4, 5, or 8 days depending on the selected conference. To have the hours count, Dr.Masgutova or a designee must be in attendance at the conference. »Download IPET Training Program.

Summary of the requirements to complete the MNRI Core Specialist Training:
> Eleven (11) classes from MNRI curriculum
> Required: Dynamic and Postural two times
> Required: Tactile Integration
> Eight (8) other electives

Four IPET trainings:
> Tactile
* pre requisite Tactile Integration and Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Tactile
> Archetype
* pre requisite Archetype and Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Archetype

> Reflex Repatterning Level One -
* pre requisite Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Reflex Integration

> Neuro Structural
*pre requisite Dynamic and Postural and Neuro Structural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Neuro Structural

**The completion of basic courses and clinical hours and required testing of each IPET allows you to be a specialist in that one area.**

***Each level of specialty accumulates to take your through the Core Specialist- in-training Level 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Upon the completion of all required course work and IPET trainings, and testing, you become an MNRI® Core Specialist.***

Benefits of Completion of IPET Practicum Courses:
»Download Benefits of Completion of IPET Practicum Program

All MNRI® Cores in Training who began their program August 1, 2011, or after must hold at least a BA or BS and must demonstrate evidence of completion of at least six (6) semester hours in anatomy and/or physiology before completion of the training program.

Student Roles and Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities change and grow for MNRI® students as they progress through their MNRI® education. Throughout their training, all MNRI® students are to adhere to the following MNRI® Code of Ethics and Conduct and these basic standards:

  • Put the needs and care of the families first
  • Maintain the highest professional behavior
  • Attend and be on time for all training sessions and attend all morning and afternoon debriefings
  • Observe, attend, and participate in Conference activities as directed by the Conference Manager
  • Complete required practical exams to fulfill training requirements

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