Learning The Method

Learning The Method

MNRI® Training Approach

Our philosophy regarding training is simple and our approach revolutionary. From the very first introductory MNRI® course you complete, you will be prepared to immediately begin integrating MNRI protocol into your professional practice or with your family member*.

Each additional MNRI course will broaden your knowledge about the important role body systems play to ensure optimal integration of motor reflexes, and will deepen your knowledge about the many ways to integrate motor reflex movements and patterns and challenged sensory systems. Parents and professionals may take as many of the basic, introductory MNRI courses as they would like.

Individuals interested in being trained in the Masgutova Method® can begin the process by signing up for any one of the MNRI foundation courses. While there are no prerequisites for taking any of the foundation courses, completion of the MNRI Dynamic & Postural Reflex Integration course is required to participate in the MNRI Core in Training program and attend the MNRI Family Educational Conference to receive clinical/hands-on training. If your choice of courses is not immediately available and you would like to begin learning right away, we encourage you to purchase the MNRI Dynamic & Postural Reflex Manual.

If you would like to be a Local Area Coordinator and bring the Masgutova Method courses to your area please contact the MNRI Coordinator at jessica@masgutovafoundation.org.

If you would like to begin training today, please register for an upcoming course. If you are interested in becoming a Core Specialist, you may read more here.

Please contact us regarding any questions.

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*Further training is strongly recommended