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All students must have an online user account on the website.  If you do not yet have a user account, click here to create one. All of your required documents, forms and coursework history will be kept in your user account.

Required Documents at EACH Level of MNRI® Training

All MNR® Cores in Training must complete the MNRI® Trainee Agreement. This agreement needs to be completed only ONCE during the MNRI® Core in Training Program. Any MNRI® Core in Training who has not completed this MNRI® Trainee Agreement must do so before they can continue in the program. This MUST be in the SMEI, LLC office three (3) weeks before the date of the activity. 
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Trainees must also complete the online Education Background Worksheet form.  This form will be completed and submitted online, and will remain accessible in your online user account once submitted.  
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Summary of the requirements to complete the MNRI Core Specialist Training:
> Eleven (11) classes from MNRI curriculum
> Required: Dynamic and Postural two times
> Required: Tactile Integration
> Eight (8) other electives

Four IPET Trainings:
> Tactile
* Prerequisite: Tactile Integration and Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Tactile
> Archetype
* Prerequisite: Archetype and Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Archetype

> Reflex Repatterning Level One -
* Prerequisite: Dynamic and Postural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Reflex Repatterning

Neuro Structural -
* Prerequisite: Dynamic and Postural and Neurostructural
* 64 hours of clinical training in Neuro Structural

The completion of basic courses, clinical hours, and required testing of each IPET allows you to be a specialist in that one area. Each level of specialty accumulates to take your through the Core Specialist-in-training Level 1 - 2 - 3 - 4. Upon the completion of all required course work and IPET trainings, and testing, you become an MNRI® Core Specialist. 

All MNRI® Cores-in-Training must submit a copy of a current Professional Liability Insurance doc page AND one of the following from the professional insurance company: ACORD, Evidence of Insurance, or Memorandum of Insurance. These documents must list the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute, LLC, P.O. Box 1651, Melrose, FL 32666 as the company to be notified if the insurance policy is dropped or cancelled. This MUST be in the SMEI, LLC office three (3) weeks before the date of the activity.

This certification allows the participant to become eligible to advertise as a certified MNRI® Core Specialists, contract employment within the Masgutova organization, and gain further specialization in the Advanced Education Program. 

MNRI® Core Specialists Recertification Procedures:

All MNRI Core Specialists must recertify each two (2) years. This includes:

  • Attendance two MNRI Family Educational Conferences (5 or 8 day)
  • 32 hours of MNRI Courses
  • Retake of the exams for Dynamic and Postural Reflexes, Archetype, Tactile, Neuro-structural and Visual and Auditory at the MNRI Family Educational Conference. The exams may be replaced by taking the IPET course and satisfactorily completing the IPET course exam.
  • Submit at least one MNRI Case Study ready for submission to a professional journal or conference 
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