Our Stories

Times of uncertainty often lift up the most inspiring stories of hope, strength, positivity, and resilience. From simple or quiet, to dramatic or challenging, these moments in time prompt us to reflect upon the depth of our individual and collective human spirit. We would like to share with you some of the thoughts and experiences from our international MNRI team, as well as how MNRI has helped us learn and grow, as we live through these unique times together.

— Dr. Svetlana Masgutova and The MNRI Family

May.  26,  2020My breaking through Covid 19-Pandemic time


As the MNRI® Family Conference in the Netherlands was ending, the “situation” with the coronavirus was just about to be declared as a worldwide health crisis. Feelings of fears were raising everywhere, hours by hours, leading to this unprecedented climate of destabilization. In this audio-visual presentation, Isabelle is re-tracing her experience through her stressful journey back to the US and she shares the course of her actions after the trip that allowed her to keep moving forward throughout the pandemic context... A very human and inspiring true story.   Read More »

Apr.  23,  2020Our incredible journey

mas carr

Writer Kathy Ames Carr and Dr. Svetlana Masgutova find themselves in a precarious predicament in Poland, which has closed its borders because of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, United States suspends travel from 26 European countries, including Poland, limiting their options for an expected return to the U.S.   Read More »

Apr.  13,  2020Faith, hope, and love

patty cropped

Sometimes, the most difficult times reveal what is most important in our life. What can we learn during a challenging time in our life, and how can we direct more meaning and purpose now and in the future?   Read More »

Apr.  13,  2020Taking flight


Standing still helps us appreciate the natural beauty that is everywhere. What can we learn about ourselves, and our own inner strength, when we watch and pay attention to the beautiful life all around us?   Read More »

Apr.  8,  2020The blessings from the COVID-19 shut-down

YichienSu cropped

Nourishing our mind and body will help build our immunity, stress resilience and inner peace.   Read More »

Apr.  8,  2020Inhaling abundance, and exhaling excess

The power of stillness and living in the moment can be appreciated — and realized — when we invite integration.   Read More »

Apr.  6,  2020Peace and Gratitude During Times of Uncertainty

Mimi Seif

Core-In-Training Mimi Seif discovers peace, gratitude, and the power of MNRI Reflex Exercises during the coronavirus pandemic.   Read More »