The Method

The Method

Treatment Options

There are four general ways to get treatment, each with different levels of engagement.

The choice of where to begin is a personal one, and often depends on a combination of factors including the urgency of the situation, proximity of MNRI resources, financial situation and time.

Work with an MNRI Trained Resource

The easiest way to get started with treatment is to locate an MNRI resource in your area. An MNRI resource begins by completing a basic evaluation to identify your child’s unique reflex challenges. Once your child’s specific reflex challenges are identified a basic MNRI treatment program is created and the MNRI resource will begin the treatment process with your child. Often parents are provided with a simple home program and instruction on how to apply basic MNRI techniques between visits. The more parents are able to participate in the treatment process the greater the possibility for functional change in their child. There are a wide variety of professionals who have been trained in the MNRI Method and many have made the Masgutova Method the main focus of their practice. While it would be nice if all family’s had access to local MNRI resources in their area, this is not yet the case. Dr. Masgutova and her organization have come a long way in 20 years, increasing the number of certified MNRI resources and expanding the Method’s reach, but there is much more work to be done. For family’s who do not have easy access to an MNRI resource there are other options available to begin the treatment process.
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Get Trained Yourself

Motivated parents often find ways to get things done, when the best paths are blocked. We will work to share more ideas with you as parent’s like you share your stories on our website through Tell Us Your Story. In the meantime knowledge always about the MNRI Method always remains available through MNRI program courses and course manuals.img_treatment-options

Attend an MNRI Course
When you do not have direct access to a local MNRI resource, the next best option is to consider attending an MNRI course yourself. Parents often join professionals at courses to learn for themselves how to complete a basic reflex assessment and apply MNRI restorative techniques to integrate automatic motor reflexes and challenged sensory systems. Each MNRI program course is designed to make sure that parents and professionals leave understanding the basic assessment and integration techniques to create and begin using an MNRI treatment program. While some parents are apprehensive about participating side by side with experienced professionals, we have observed that a parent’s intimate understanding of his child’s unique challenges, and deep motivation to improve his child’s situation, often prepares him to not only learn but also to productively contribute to class content. Unique parent insight can lead to questions in class that help MNRI instructors address technique nuances that benefit both the parent and professionals. We have found that often, even when parents have access to a local MNRI resource, they choose to attend MNRI courses to deepen their knowledge and enrich the MRNI treatment provided by a local MNRI resource. We encourage parents to take MNRI coursework whenever possible, whether to create treatment programs for their children or to enrich the impact of other treatment options they have had the ability to choose.
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MNRI Dynamic & Postural Reflex Integration Manual
For those who do not have access to an MNRI resource, and simply do not have the time or means to attend a course or other MNRI sponsored event, the MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration manual is available for purchase through our website shop. While direct instruction and guidance is always the preferred approach, benefit can be gained from simply reading the manual and slowly beginning the MRNI Treatment process at home. We encourage the families that choose this option (and other families as well) to deepen and expand their MNRI knowledge through whatever means are possible. Simple ways to advance knowledge include membership in the Masgutova Method-MNRI Google Group and networking with other parents and MNRI professional. Continue to check our MNRI Resource Directory, as time goes by a professional in your area might begin the MRNI Resource certification process – if so they will appear in the directory. As you experience success in your home treatment work share your story on our website through Tell Us Your Story, to help others understand how they can accomplish the same thing and to help new comers understand what can happen just by picking up a book and reading it.

Participate in an MNRI Assessment Clinic

The MNRI Assessment Clinic option is designed to provide a parent who does not have easy access to an MNRI resource, qualified guidance in creating a basic MNRI home treatment program. During a session, a family can receive an assessment with Dr. Masgutova.  The assessment session takes about 30 minutes. Additional time can be scheduled with a highly trained Core Specialist working with your family and implementing the therapy as suggested by Dr. Masgutova. A family can choose to participate in one session or multiple sessions.  The number of sessions a family is allowed to sign up for is limited by the number of sessions available on the Assessment Clinic schedule at the time of registration.
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Participate in an MNRI Family Educational Conference


The most intense and comprehensive MNRI Treatment option available is the MNRI Family Educational Conference. Typically 8 days long, a Family Educational Conference engages Dr. Masgutova, the most highly trained MNRI professionals in the world (Certified Core Specialists), and MNRI Students (at various levels of MNRI certification) to create and apply a treatment program unique to each participating child’s challenges. Each day of the conference includes a series of treatment sessions, with each session addressing one of the many MNRI program areas important to the complete, holistic, MNRI Method approach. For some parents and children this is the first MNRI treatment experience. Other parents have been working at home using a treatment plan they created after reading the MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration manual, after attending an MNRI course, or after basic guidance received at an MNRI Assessment Clinic. Still others come with a local MNRI resource that has been guiding their child’s treatment plan at home. When an MNRI resource attends with a client he comes not just to support and guide his client, but also to advance his MNRI certification. He actively participates in MNRI training workshops (offered 3-4 days before and 2-3 days after the treatment portion of the conference), and advances his practical expertise assisting Certified Core Specialists during session treatment. Throughout the sessions parents receive MNRI technique instructions and are asked to participate in treatment along the side of the Core Specialist. This training prepares parents to continue the work started at the conference. To guide post conference treatment a basic home treatment program is created for each child and given to parents to continue the MNRI work at home.
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The key to MNRI Treatment Program Success

While the MNRI Family Educational Conference is the ultimate experience, what makes everything work in the end is the parent’s ability to carry the MNRI work out at home. A Family Conference is a quick-start approach to treating a child. Gains are almost always made at conferences, many of which are maintained, but even greater gains depend on home program follow through. A parent industrious enough to learn and apply the MRNI Method on his own through a manual or by attending a course or combination of courses, possesses the long hall stamina necessary to win the race. Success in an MNRI treatment program depends not simply on isolated treatment events, or outside resources, but on parents like you able to follow through with committed treatment program support at home. As you move forward, be patient, don’t give up and remember – slow and steady wins the race.