Host a Course

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Local Coordinator. We value our partnerships and want to ensure this will be a beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

Our Local Coordinators play an important role in coordinating area logistics, managing the registration process, and supporting the administrative processes necessary to deliver a positive experience for everyone involved. 

To this end we have established the below set of preliminary expectations we have in working with our partners:

  • High Ethical and Moral operational standards. We only partner with organizations and individuals who espouse to operate at the highest legal, ethical and moral standards
  • The primary motivation for hosting courses is to help spread the message not to make money
  • High Value of integrity
    • You understand that the method is copyrighted and will ensure all proper steps are taken to protect the message and content that is provided.
    • You will strive to be honest and transparent in all transactions that may be associated with our organization 
  • Respect for participants regardless of race, gender, or sexual preference
  • Be familiar with and connected to organizations, networks, and resources to successfully communicate and promote the event to professionals

 Steps for hosting a course

  1. Read through the expectations and benefits of being a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) below
  2. Fill out the information related to Course, Location, Date, etc.
  3. Submit for approval
  4. Once approved and an instructor is assigned, you will need to sign an online agreement
  5. Once the agreement is signed, the course will be posted online for registration

*Please note that if a local coordinator is already present near your location, leadership will discuss this with the existing coordinator to determine if another coordinator will be needed. 

Summary of Local Area Coordinator responsibilities

  • Finding an appropriate facility*: We look for a space that will comfortably hold participants with one exercise table for each 2-3 participants. If space is smaller, we will need to cap the number of attendees. The larger the space, the more participants can be allowed (up to a maximum number allowed per selected course). 
  • Arranging transportation and lodging for Instructor
  • Arranging lodging options for participants
  • Purchasing Snacks for participants**
  • Procurement of Exercise Tables***
  • Local advertisement (online advertisement will be provided by SMEI via Website)****
  • Proper signage for the event at the event location
  • Welcome all Attendees and address any needs
  • Ensuring all proper paperwork is signed (sent to you ahead of time)
  • Confirm attendees via the Attendee Spreadsheet accessible via your user account online (detailed instructions will be sent)
  • Follow up with SMEI regarding any paperwork that is needed- submitted online and via mail

* The ideal Venue budget is around $300 per day (ideally including any required catering services). All venue costs are to be approved by SMEI leadership prior to course hosting. 
**The LAC will be reimbursed up to $5.00 per participant per day for snacks. Venues that require the purchase of catering services will be discussed.
***The LAC is responsible for locating an adequate number of exercise tables for the course. If unable to find enough tables, they will need to contact SMEI.
****Local advertisement costs may be subject to reimbursement per prior approval by SMEI leadership

As a Local Area Coordinator inside the U.S., you will receive free registration when a minimum of Eight (8) NEW participants attend the course.
Benefits to Local Area Coordinators outside of the U.S. will be discussed prior to the agreement and will be outlined in your contract.

Cancellation Policy

Within the United States:
The course may be canceled if there are fewer than 8 NEW participants registered 21 days before the first day of class. It is the LAC’s responsibility to notify the Instructor if the number of NEW participants registered 21 days before the first day of class is below the minimum requirement. Reminder emails will be sent out to Instructor and LAC prior to registration closure.  Returning Participants are charged a discounted rate and are not included in the 8 new students minimum requirement.

Outside of the United States:
Policies for your course will be discussed prior to the agreement and will be outlined in your contract.

If you feel confident that you can meet these requirements, please continue below.

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