Learning The Method

Learning The Method

Who Can Be Trained?

The MRNI® Method has attracted healthcare, wellness, and educational professionals from a wide range of specialties, including physical and occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, special and physical education, sports medicine, audiology, pediatrics, psychology, social work and general medicine.

img_who-can-be-trainedThese dedicated professionals work daily with autism, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, pain management, and learning disorders to name just a few. Health and wellness practitioners often speak of frustration that traditional therapies are quite often partial solutions and they are in search of therapies and techniques that can make more of a difference for their clients (and frequently for their children or themselves). Educators come with a similar need, whether they are working in special education, physical education or in the general classroom. They want to help children and be able to provide more effective approaches to parents.

While health and wellness professionals and educators come with the intention to learn how to better serve their clients’ needs or to help school-age children, parents come with a more specific and emotional need – to create a better life for their children. Parents come from diverse backgrounds, but their knowledge is often deep within the area of their child’s dysfunction because they have invested so much and their journey has often been long. They come to learn about the MNRI Method hoping to gain new knowledge that can improve their child’s life and often end up educating the health, wellness and educational professionals supporting their child at home as well as families in their community facing similar challenges.

Consequently, while technically anyone with an interest can seek out MRNI Method training, the community is largely populated with well-intentioned people on a quest – a quest to help a client, a patient, a child, a son, a daughter, a friend, or an aging parent. To this end, the Masgutova organization welcomes everyone. The MRNI community simultaneously learns from Dr. Masgutova and from each other’s broad and varied perspectives and collective experiences.

To Become Trained in the Masgutova Method you may:

Take MNRI Courses

Sign up to bring a client/family member to an MNRI Family Conference 

Become a MNRI Core in Training

Purchase the MNRI Dynamic and Postural Manual from the www.MasgutovaMethod.com website under Shop/Manual and Tools.  You may also wish to purchase one or more of the Family Reflex Videos to stream to your computer to actually view how to use the MNRI Integrative Process for each reflex.

Attend a MNRI On-Line courses or lectures.