The Method

The Method

Attend A Family Education Conference

The MNRI Educational Family Conference is the most comprehensive MNRI treatment option available to families.

img_family-con0a0f596013This is currently the only regularly scheduled venue through which families have direct access to Dr. Masgutova. In addition to the expertise of Dr. Masgutova, certified MNRI Core Specialists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia, travel to the conference location to provide the six hours of treatment your child will receive during each schedule conference day. 

Early on in the conference, Dr. Masgutova completes an in depth assessment from which she forms the conference plan that will guide your child’s treatment.  The intensive 6-hour days are split into 6 sessions per day, each session focusing on MNRI techniques related to one of Dr. Masgutova’s many core program courses. While treatment is concentrated and intense, long lunch hours and dinner breaks as well as a free day in the middle of longer conferences, help to provide some rest in within and between the busy days. Throughout the conference, parents get significant exposure to MNRI Method techniques and receive instruction from the  Specialists during each of the different MNRI program sessions on how to carry on treatment at home.  General conference details are as follows:

Conference Duration:

Conferences can typically range in duration from 4 days to 8 days. 

Conference Focus:

Families attending conference are provided:

  • A formal in depth assessment by Dr.Masgutova
  • 6 different MNRI program sessions each conference day, each session 50 minutes long
  • Evening MNRI lecture & family events (number of events vary based on conference duration)

MNRI Conference Resources:

  • Dr. Masgutova -- Conducts an in depth conference assessment and provides additional session support and consultation as needed to address a child’s specific challenges as needed.
  • Certified Core Specialists -- lead daily scheduled program sessions.  Consult Dr. Masgutova and engage the services of both Dr. Masgutova and Certified MNRI Students as needed to address each child’s specific challenges as needed.
  • Certified MNRI Students -- help guide and mentor parents through the conference process and support Core Specialists as needed.

Post Conference Support:

Assessment report is supplied within 6-8 weeks of conference completion.

Upcoming Conferences, Conference Fees & Registration:

Refer to the MNRI event schedule for further details as well as to view a list of upcoming conferences.