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Additional Opportunities

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The Masgutova organization offers contract employment opportunities for MNRI® students and licensing opportunities for certified Core Specialists.

Contract Employment

Masgutova offers contract employment opportunities for Core Specialists, Instructors/Lecturers, and other MNRI Method positions. Generally, the contract employment applies to work performed at MNRI Family Educational Conferences and Assessment Clinics, but may extend to other venues on an as-needed basis.

Licensure Program

The Licensure Program is designed for those certified Core Specialists who wish to make a larger commitment to the Masgutova Method® by licensing the MRNI® Brand and using the techniques in a substantial portion of their overall practice. This program is currently under development but will generally only be available to MNRI Core Specialists who are in good standing with SMEI and who commit at least 75% of their practice to the Masgutova Method. More information about this program will be announced in the near future.