Learning The Method

Learning The Method

Dynamic & Postural Reflex Manual

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We offer the Dynamic & Postural Reflex Integration manual for those individuals who are unable to attend courses due to geographic, financial, time or other constraints that may make it difficult to participate in a course. While reading a manual is not a substitute for participating in a class or learning from an MNRI trained professional, it will provide a general understanding of the MNRI® Method and specific reflex integration techniques. On the www.MasgutovaMethod.com website you are able to purchase for streaming to your computer a demonstration of each of the MNRI Reflexes taught in the Dynamic and Postural manual.

Once you read the manual we encourage you to take the next step, if at all possible, by of attending the actual Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration Course. Only through actual demonstration can you deepen your understanding of the MNRI techniques presented in the manual to insure that your interpretation is in line with the practical application -- always best understood in the context of demonstration.

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