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Autism: Maximize Potential with MNRI® Reflex Integration

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Autism: Maximize Potential with MNRI® Reflex Integration

Award-winning book that earned acclaim from the prestigious Next Generation Indie Book Awards. 

Does your little one exhibit symptoms that may indicate autism spectrum disorder, and you don’t know what to do? Has your child been diagnosed with ASD, and you can’t seem to figure out how to manage their reactions and behaviors? Are you a healthcare professional looking for effective ways to maximize developmental outcomes in your ASD clients? 

When you have completed reading Autism: Maximize Potential with MNRI® Reflex Integration, you will have gained a better understanding of: 

  • The importance of primary reflexes for early intervention 
  • The developmental implications of non-integrated primary reflexes in individuals with ASD
  • Underlying causes for impairments in social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive function in children and adults with ASD
  • The effect of stress, trauma, and ASD
  • How and why the MNRI® method of reflex integration can transform the developmental potential in an ASD child or adult 

This book helps the reader understand how an individual’s reflex profile influences autism symptoms and how optimizing the function of primary reflexes can help autistic individuals realize their fullest genetically given potential. Included are some simple reflex integration exercises that might be helpful to an autistic child or adult.

“This book empowers autism parents and caregivers to take the lead in their child’s healing process.” — A. Bolos-Sy, M.D.

“This book chronicles Svetlana Masgutova’s decades-long journey to develop and practice an innovative method that can create dramatic improvements in health for individuals with sensorimotor challenges.” — E. Horn, producer and entrepreneur 

“Unraveling underlying causes and complications of autism spectrum disorder continues to challenge medical science. Dr. Masgutova masterfully addresses this challenge by educating and inspiring clinicians, researchers, and parents alike with her latest book.” — E. Kalambaheti, clinical neuroscientist

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214 page color perfect bound book