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This course is offered for 2.4 ASHA CEUs
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MNRI® Proprioceptive & Cognitive Integration

Dates: June 1-3, 2017
Location: Durango, CO
Address: Holiday Inn® Hotel & Suites
Address:  21636 US 160 W
Address:  Durango CO 81303
Instructor: Theresa Fischer
Local Area  
Coordinator: Elizabeth Murphy
Phone: 505-325-3039

The Masgutova Method® is a set of programs focused on the restoration and maturation of primary movements, reflexes, coordination systems, skills for optimal performance of natural mechanisms, developmental processes, brain functioning, and sensory-motor integration. The Masgutova Method® is oriented on the stimulation of reflex patterns in order to awaken natural, genetic motor resources, self-regenerating strength of motor memory and sensory-motor coherence. This achievement innately carries the implication of the fulfillment of all potentials within movement abilities and learning skills.

The Mission of the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute® Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration, LLC is to provide children and adults reliable knowledge and safe tools for the use of natural, genetic motor resources to facilitate successful neuro-sensory-motor development and joyful learning. 

Course Objectives

Participants of this MNRI ® course will attend all 24 hours and satisfactorily participate in both the course discussion and hands-on supervised practice. In the course participants will be introduced to the information about the links between proprioceptive and cognitive systems, about priority role of proprioceptive-vestibular system for creating the basis for establishing gravity, grounding and stability for the optimal work of cognitive functions. They will be presented to procedures of Assessment for primary reflex patterns that serve the development and maturation of the proprioceptive and vestibular systems, and also Re-patterning techniques and exercises for these reflex patterns necessary to create a sufficient neurophysiological basis for development of different cognitive skills – visual and auditory, and analytical-synthesizing (generalizing). Development and maturation of the group of reflexes concerned with proprioceptive-vestibular system lead to a possibility for the development of conscious postural and motor control, is the basis for the development of links between motor coordination and cognitive inner control. This workshop will offer examples of techniques, games and activities to make the integration sessions using the MNRI ® exercises interesting and motivating for children. The Proprioceptive-Cognitive Integration course can be used with children and adults with developmental deficits; motor and speech delays; space-time disorientation, decoding and modeling and manual “mapping” problems; and, as a stress release program for professionals who used to intellectual intense work. Course participants will also learn about the assessment of primary and natural movements and reflexes, as well as, specific exercises to integrate neurodevelopment delays.

            Participants will:

1.   Develop knowledge of the Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration basis for the successful development of proprioceptive and cognitive systems.

2. Investigate the proprioceptive-cognitive actual links in children with challenges and create the Anchors based on natural innate mechanisms of neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity. Explore the rules and basis for creating these proprioceptive-cognitive anchors.

3.   Investigate the following reflexes and their specific involvement in development of Antigravity mechanisms and Cognitive skills: Labyrinthine Tonic in Flexion and Extension, Core Tendon Guard in Flexion and Extension, Gravity, Balancing, Grounding, Stability, Head Righting Ocular and Labyrinthine, Ocular-Vestibular, Ocular- Kinetic, Hands Pulling, Hands supporting, Sequential Rolling and Spinning and some others.

4.   Investigate the following reflexes and their specific involvement in development of Antigravity mechanisms and “leveling reflexes”: Eye Leveling, Vestibular Leveling, TMJ Leveling, Auditory system Leveling.

5.   Explore how these reflexes are involved in muscular-tendon-ligaments tone regulation, postural control and antigravity abilities.

6.   Explore how these reflexes are involved in conscious motor control formation with in the brain-body system.

7.   Discover the basis for the development of proprioceptive-cognitive anchors and fine motor coordination and self-regulation and self-management.

8. Discuss the basis for the formation of primary links of proprioceptive and cognitive coordination: “Acoustic activation-kinesthetic memory”, “Balancing-Acoustic stimulation-Moro response-selective memory activation”. Facilitation of “Analytical” and “Synthesized” auditory perception and processing using developmental potentials of proprioceptive-vestibular reflex patterns.

9. Discuss the basis for the formation of proprioceptive-cognitive coordination and the fine motor skills” “Acoustic differentiation-memory anchoring”, “Hands-eyes”, “Hands-auditory-articulation system, and “auditory-vestibular system”.

10. Investigate examples of games and activities to enhance the MNRI ® process integration exercises in an interesting and motivating manner.

11. Discuss the correlation of proprioceptive-vestibular reflex patterns and skills of cognitive perception. Memorizing, writing, reading and calculation.

12. Receive supervised hands-on-training to:

  • Conduct assessments using this MNRI ® program to discover nonintegrated or immature reflex patterns creating the antigravity mechanism and supplying the neurophysiological basis for proprioceptive-cognitive functions.
  • Develop individual programs using this MNRI ® program to re-pattern, activate and integrate these reflex patterns.
  • Work with specific techniques for dysfunctional and pathological reflex patterns 
  • Explore the possibilities for positive changes in body structure, posture and movement development through Integration of  proprioceptive-vestibular reflex patterns
  • Apply this MNRI ® program to develop individual corrective programs based on assessment techniques and exercises for integration of given reflexes to enhance overall emotional, motivational and motor challenges.

13. Demonstrate the appropriate application of the structural integration of reflex patterns referring to the group of proprioceptive-vestibular ones in a supervised situation.

14. Evaluate and develop appropriate strategies to incorporate the use of the Proprioceptive-Cognitive Integration Program in their daily practice.

To make a hotel reservation for the Prop Cog class you can call the hotel and give the code SME for the group rate or use the link below to book online and get the group rate, which is $145.00 per night.

Financial Disclosure: Theresa Fischer receives a stipend based upon an enrollment percentage.

Non-financial Disclosure: No relevant relationship exists.

Course Disclosure: The Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute has developed and patented a licensed technology trademarked as MNRI®. Because there are no other like-kind products available, course offerings will only cover information that pertains to the effective and safe use of the above-named products. This presentation will focus exclusively on MNRI® and will not include information on other similar or related products or services.

Courses are subject to cancellation due to lack of minimum required participants registered for the course within 10 days of the course start date. Full refunds will be issued if the course is canceled due to the low number of attendees.

Please reach out to the Local Area Coordinator listed to confirm that the course will be held prior to registering if within the 10 day window.

Course Hours: 24

CEUs: This course is offered for 2.4 ASHA CEUs
(Introductory level, Professional area)

CE Hours: This course is offered for 24 NCBTMB CE Hours

Prerequisite Classes:
  • MNRI® Dynamic & Postural Reflex Pattern Integration
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