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MNRI® Reflex Integration Maximizing Brain Potential

Dates: February 3-4, 2018
Location: The Netherlands
Address: Contact Wil van Kessel for final registration and to make payment for this course: wilvankessel@dekleineparel.nl
Instructor: Shannon Desilets, PT
Local Area  
Coordinator: Wil van Kessel
Email: wilvankessel@dekleineparel.nl
Phone: +31(0)610277215

The Masgutova Method® is a set of programs focused on the restoration and maturation of primary movements, reflexes, coordination systems, skills for optimal performance of natural mechanisms, developmental processes, brain functioning, and sensory-motor integration. The Masgutova Method® is oriented on the stimulation of reflex patterns in order to awaken natural, genetic motor resources, self-regenerating strength of motor memory and sensory-motor coherence. This achievement innately carries the implication of the fulfillment of all potentials within movement abilities and learning skills.

The Mission of the Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute® Neuro-sensory-motor Reflex Integration, LLC is to provide children and adults reliable knowledge and safe tools for the use of natural, genetic motor resources to facilitate successful neuro-sensory-motor development and joyful learning. 

Learning, planning, and the development of inner control are some of the most important functions of the brain’s cortex. Successful development of these skills ultimately depends upon the physiological maturation of the brainstem (myelination of the extrapyramidal nerve net) through early movements and sensory motor integration, which lie at the foundation of human development. Movement, behavioral and learning challenges often result when reflex patterns do not develop properly, are immature, and/or are poorly integrated in comparison with typical patterns of development. In addition, primary reflex patterns may not function appropriately following significant life stressors and/or trauma that children and adults may experience. In fact, data collected from thousands of MNRI® assessments over the past 20 years demonstrate that as the number of non-integrated primary motor reflex patterns in neurotypical children increase, the number and severity of learning challenges correspondingly increases. This course explores the role reflexes play in developing higher order cognitive functions including focusing, long-term memory, rational thinking, planning, academic learning and decision-making. Understanding this connection, combined with the knowledge of MNRI® techniques for re-patterning and integrating dysfunctional or poorly integrated reflexes, can help children and adults move closer to reaching their fullest learning potentials and social/emotional growth.

MNRI® Reflex Integration: Maximizing BrainPotentials course explores:

  • The theoretical and physiological basis of the MNRI® Method and the role primary
  • motor reflex integration plays in learning
  • The progression of primary skills necessary for optimal learning
  • MNRI® techniques designed to re-pattern and integrate specific primary motor reflexes
  • Techniques to create MNRI® reflex integration programs for individual students/clients
  • Hands on activities to incorporate course content into daily school, clinic and home practice

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the 14 hours for the MNRI® Reflex Integration: Maximizing Brain Potentials course, participants will:

  1. Learn about the Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI®) Method including:
  2. The innate nature of the motor reflex system
  3. The role of a reflex and its sensory, motor, and central nervous system mechanisms
  4. When, why, and how the brain engages in protection versus learning and development
  5. The physiological and psychological basis for primary motor reflexes and maturational stages
  6. The maturational role primary motor reflexes play within the movement system and the effect of dysfunctional reflex patterns on:
  • Learning, behavior, social, emotional, physical skills, and general development of the whole student/client
  • Advanced cognitive skills and behavioral development
  • The formation of specific academic and social skill sets that affect emotional and behavioral regulation in a classroom setting
  1. Learn the maturational progression of primary motor reflex patterns and archetype movements involved in each pattern and develop an understanding of how interruption of these movements can impact learning.
  2. Identify primary learning skills, related reflexes, and archetypal motor patterns
  3. Understand and explain the impact integration (vs. delayed integration) of each reflex can have on related learning skills including advanced motor skills, communication skills, cognitive development, emotional and behavioral regulation, and general academic achievement
    1. Discover the MNRI® techniques designed to activate and integrate each reflex presented in class through demonstration and hands-on-practice:
    2. Develop MRNI® techniques for dealing with unique and challenging situations in the in the regular classroom as well as when working with children with challenges including ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Genetic Disorders, Anxiety, PTSD and other challenges
    3. Integrate course knowledge to create and apply an MNRI® program for small groups and entire classroom/group situations.
    4. Explore, evaluate, and develop strategies to incorporate the use of the MNRI Reflex Integration and Learning course content into daily client and home practice.

 Reflexes Addressed in this Course:

• Robinson Hands Grasp
• Sequential Fingers Opening / Closing
• Hands Supporting
• Foot Tendon Guard
• Automatic Gait
• Asymmetrical Tonic Neck
• Spinal Galant
• Symmetrical Tonic Neck
• Bonding
• Eye Tracking & Convergence-Divergence
• Pavlov Orientation
• Fear Paralysis


Financial Disclosure: Shannon Desilets, PT receives a stipend based upon an enrollment percentage.

Non-financial Disclosure: No relevant relationship exists.

Course Disclosure: The Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute has developed and patented a licensed technology trademarked as MNRI®. Because there are no other like-kind products available, course offerings will only cover information that pertains to the effective and safe use of the above-named products. This presentation will focus exclusively on MNRI® and will not include information on other similar or related products or services.

Courses are subject to cancellation due to lack of minimum required participants registered for the course within 10 days of the course start date. Full refunds will be issued if the course is canceled due to the low number of attendees.

Please reach out to the Local Area Coordinator listed to confirm that the course will be held prior to registering if within the 10 day window.

Course Hours: 14

CE Hours: This course is offered for 14 NCBTMB CE Hours

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