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One of the most tragic train accidents in the history of the world occurred in a picturesque valley in the Urals of Russia in 1989.  Thousands of people volunteered their time and expertise in order to support the hundreds of people faced with unfathomable challenges of survival.  This is not a book of tragedy, it is an inspirational book of victory over tragedy.  Dr. Svetlana Masgutova discovered the importance of using specialized movements to assist the children in rapidly recovering from shock and hysteria and thereby eventually unveiling the winner within. 
                      --Dr. Svetlana Masgutova - Creator of the Masgutova Method®
                      --Pamela Curlee


Trauma Recovery - You are a Winner is a story of one person's vision to see beyond the apparent--beyond pain, horror, and suffering-- and into the heart and unseen possibilities of young people at a turning point.  Most of all, it is a story of courage in the face of grief and loss--the courage to draw out the emerging individual in each child by trusting natural movements to activate the brain and neuropathways beyond survival and toward growth.  If we are to transcend our limiting survival patterns we must (each and every one of us) heed the call to return to the body--to encourage the eyes, ears, hands, feet, and sensory perceptions--in order to wake up the whole brain. Thank you, Svetlana, for sharing your understanding of the role of primary reflexes in protecting us and for reminding us of the need for movement to create the sense of self.  
                           -- Dr. Paul E. Dennison, Co-originator of the Brain Gym® Learning Program



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