Learning The Method

Learning The Method

MNRI® Levels Of Certification

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Levels of Certification

There are currently 4 levels of certification available for the MNRI Method:

  1. Class Participant-The first step is to simply attend a course. This allows you the ability to immediately begin implementing what you have learned in your private practice. You can learn more about our course offerings here
  2. MNRI Core Specialist Intern ProgramThe second level is to enroll in the MNRI Core Specialist Intern Program in which you will attend required courses and pass all related exams in the process to become certified as an MNRI Core Specialist. 
  3. MNRI Core Specialist- You have successfully passed all of the required courses and testing and are awarded certification as an MNRI Core Specialist. You will be listed as an MNRI Core Specialist and partner. See #2 above regarding requirements and next steps. 
  4. MNRI Instructor- You are a certified MNRI Core Specialist with required experience and have passed required exams to become certified as an MNRI Instructor. You will be able to teach certain MNRI Courses depending on your level of completion and approval. 

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