Learning The Method

Learning The Method

MNRI® Levels Of Certification

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Levels of Certification

There are currently 4 levels of certification available for the MNRI Method:


  1. Class Participant-The first step is to simply attend a course. This allows you the ability to immediately begin implementing what you have learned in your private practice.
  2. MNRI Core Specialist Intern Program- The second level is to enroll in the MNRI Core Specialist Intern Program in which you will attend required courses and pass all related exams in the process to become certified as an MNRI Core Specialist. 
  3. MNRI Core Specialist- You have successfully passed all of the required courses and testing and are awarded certification as an MNRI Core Specialist. You will be listed as an MNRI Core Specialist and partner. 
  4. MNRI Instructor- You are a certified MNRI Core Specialist with required experience and have passed required exams to become certified as an MNRI Instructor. You will be able to teach certain MNRI Courses depending on your level of completion and approval. 

Summary of the requirements to complete the MNRI Core Specialist Training

A. Eleven (11) classes from MNRI curriculum
    > Required: Dynamic and Postural two times
    > Required: Tactile Integration
    > Eight (8) other electives

B. Four IPET Pieces of training: plus clinical training
    > Tactile IPET - 
    * Prerequisite: Tactile Integration and Dynamic and Postural
    * To be followed by 64 hours of clinical training in Tactile

    > Archetype 
    * Prerequisite: Archetype and Dynamic and Postural
    * To be followed by 64 hours of clinical training in Archetype

    > Reflex Repatterning IPET -
    * Prerequisite: Dynamic and Postural plus one other class
    * To be followed by 64 hours of clinical training in Reflex Integration

    > Neuro Structural IPET -
    * Prerequisite: Dynamic and Postural and Neuro Structural
    * Must be a Level 3 Core in Training to take this class
    * To be followed by 64 hours of clinical training in Neuro Structural

There are four levels/milestones within the training program:

»MNRI Core-in-Training LEVEL (2) TWO

»MNRI Core-in-Training LEVEL (3) THREE

»MNRI Core-in-Training LEVEL (4) FOUR


Description and details for becoming an MNRI® Core Specialist

MNRI Core-in-Training Educational Requirements

  • College Degree: BA, BS or 2,000 hours of training in an accredited wellness discipline.
  • Completion of six (6) semester hours of training in anatomy and physiology by the time the program is completed if college degree did not Include these subjects.
  • Completion of the MNRI® Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration course and at least one other MNRI® course.
  • Completion of at least one Case Study ready for submission to professional journal.



How to begin:

Start by creating a user account

All students must have an online user account on the masgutovamethod.com website.  If you do not yet have a user account, click here to create one. All of your required documents, forms and coursework history will be kept in your user account.

Required Documents at EACH Level of MNRI® Training

All MNR® Cores in Training must complete the MNRI® Trainee Agreement. This agreement needs to be completed only ONCE during the MNRI® Core in Training Program. Any MNRI® Core in Training who has not completed this MNRI® Trainee Agreement must do so before they can continue in the program. This MUST be in the SMEI, LLC office three (3) weeks before the date of the activity. 
»Download Trainee Agreement   »Download Summary of Trainee Agreement

Trainees must also complete the online Education Background Worksheet form.  This form will be completed and submitted online, and will remain accessible in your online user account once submitted.  
»Open the Education Background Worksheet

Completion of MNRI® Core Specialist Training

TESTING: Must pass all final exams with Good to Excellent

  1. Tactile
  2. Archetype
  3. Reflex Integration
  4. Neuro Structural

NOTE: MNRI Core Specialist working towards the MNRI® Instructor/Lecturer must take the exam for a chosen specialized course. Application to become an instructor is to be submitted and reviewed. Upon acceptance, instructions to become an instructor will be sent.

For questions regarding this program, please contact us.