MNRI Success Evaluation

Your help is needed!

Our Dear MNRI® Specialists, Parents, and Friends,

svetlana_2016At this time our MNRI® organizations are working toward historic legislation to raise the official stature of the MNRI® therapy modality to be accepted by insurance companies for our children and adults and also to develop a recognized certification program to raise the official stature of our Specialists and our neurosensorimotor integration development program.

Minnesota has been chosen as the first state for us to achieve this goal. Our Consulting Vice President/Managing Director, Barry ZeVan, has many connections there and has employed his abilities and relationships to initiate this very big first step in making our dream happen. (Our success in Minnesota will help us as we move forward in other states.)

We are currently at the stage in the process where two bills have been written and are moving through the legislative system. The legislators are now studying the MNRI®system and programs. It is to this end that we recently published the Reflexes: Portal to Neurodevelopment and Learning book, initiated our recent scientific research program, and have worked hard to publish studies in peer-reviewed journals – to show, without a doubt, the scientific efficacy of MNRI®.

And, in addition to this, we now need your help. The legislators know nothing of MNRI® and the many lives that have been and are being impacted by it. They do not know there are children, parents, families, and professionals that have seen great gains and are using it to change the future of families. They do not know, that if MNRI®were to be more widely known of and used, many more people could improve or eliminate their disability or diagnosis entirely.

This is your opportunity to help MNRI® become more widely known and available. Your support by May 23, 2016 is very needed and very important. At this stage, we need to flood the legislators with evaluation forms (with format approved by our attorneys) that show your support for the MNRI® Program and work. If there are six persons in your family, then please send six evaluation forms. If you have aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends who have noticed the changes in your loved one, please ask them to send an evaluation form. We need to let legislators know that we are all impacted by the benefits of MNRI® and need their approval of this legislation.

Thank you very much for making a difference in MNRI® development!

Very personally yours,
Svetlana Masgutova, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Creator of the MNRI® Program

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