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Apr.  6,  2020Peace and Gratitude During Times of Uncertainty

Mimi Seif

It's almost time to light Shabbat candles but I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Masgutova and SMEI for all your hard work and for being an anchor and focal point for us.

When social isolation started, I had library books to read, TV shows to binge, a house that I didn't want to spring clean - and I still don't. When I was in touch with our SMEI coordinator, Jessica Rife, on March 23, regarding something else, I had asked her if SMEI had something in the works, and she said yes! I was so happy to give up my quest for a dustless house as well as my searching online for PT CEUs or an advanced degree to obtain online.

My weekdays had focus, a time goal, a me time, as well as the extra exercises that I can add to my QiGong, foam roll, hula hoop, zumba, as well as walking to my mailbox. I was happy to share the new You Tube video, "Strengthen Your Stress Resilience and Immunity with MNRI® Reflex Exercises," with family and friends who appreciate it and take the time to do it. I was able to do a few telehealth sessions and had so much MNRI® information to share with the parents. The rest of the week was much more focused, and I didn't have to make dinner since I was in school from 4 - 6 pm and the men in my house did their share.

May God watch over you and the whole world.