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Apr.  13,  2020Taking flight


I am a Core Specialist in North Carolina, and like the rest of the world, I am taking coronavirus very seriously. I have been staying at home for 2 weeks now, and likely will be home for many more weeks. Normally, I am a very active person with a busy MNRI® practice. Staying home with my family has been a privilege and occasionally a challenge. My strategy for getting through these times has been to watch birds. I sit on my porch and observe them for long periods of time. I've learned a few things by watching them.

bluejayBirds sing, no matter what. It's what they do and it makes me happy.
Birds enjoy taking long baths.
Birds love a good snack.
Birds navigate by observing the sun, the stars, and the earth's magnetic fields. We should pay attention to those things.
Birds take time to build happy nests for their babies.
Birds love to exercise. They fly with such joy.
Birds get along with other birds, even if their feathers are different colors.
Birds know when to stay in their nests and when to move on.
Birds never question their self-worth. The little grey birds seem just as happy as the flashy red ones.