The Method

The Method


My 5 year old daughter suffers from sensory processing desorder...

My 5 year old daughter suffers from sensory processing desorder and SELECTIVE MUTISM. After being told that my daughter was to be "seen again" in a year by a neuro-psychologist, I took matters in my own hands, attended 2010 Chicago's conference on Selective Mutism, I realized my daughter also has SPD, came back, found an Occpational Therapist who just came back from her seminar on Reflexes.. 15 minutes of the Moro, Pereze and Galant was all it took for my daughter to pop out of the office talking loud and happily in front of her OT and the secretary and other staff members. - MY JAW DROPPED/ Since then, (8 months passed), I attended Maguatova's MNRI and can treat my daughter myself. I will continue to follow other seminars and open in the next year treatment centers for kids who suffer from selective mutism. I feel this approach is not only a scientific fact, it is close to a revolution on how we treat not only physical illnesses but mental one's as well. Selective Mutism should be added in your categories DSM possible treatments MNRI covers. 

And last but not least THANK YOU ! Your method is really making my lifes daughter one she is enjoying now !

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