The Method

The Method

At Home Program

Whether physical or financial limitations, we understand that extended travel can be difficult.

We have partnered with our local trained Core Specialists to deliver an In-Home Care service for those who face such difficulties. Due to the nature of this service and limited resources, we are only accepting a few applicants at this time.

You can learn more about this program on the Masgutova Foundation website.

The MNRI® At-Home Program by Dr. S. Masgutova is a program that requires Professional Training and MNRI Certification from the SMEI LLC. Only  MNRI® Specialists and MNRI® Instructors are permitted to visit clients at home and present this MNRI® program for families. 
The MNRI® At-Home Program is a copyrighted and trademarked program. It is an exclusive right of the SMEI to organize the At-Home or any related program for families abroad.   For any questions please contact us.