The Method

The Method

At Home Program

Whether physical or financial limitations, we understand that extended travel can be difficult.

We have partnered with our local trained Core Specialists to deliver an In Home Care service for those who face such difficulties. Due to the nature of this service and limited resources, we are only accepting a few applicants at this time.

If you would like to be considered for this service, please contact us 

Advantages of the MNRI® At Home Program:

  • Saves air fare for multiple family members versus a family conference
  • Saves hotel fees for extended stay at family conference
  • Works with your schedule and you pick the total number of therapy days
  • Provides services in the comfort of your own home
  • Gives parents the opportunity to improve their skills

This type of MNRI® service is not only beneficial to your family member, but it also can help parents learn and apply the various MNRI® therapies through hands-on practice at home under the direction of an MNRI® trained Core Specialist. Core Specialists will offer learning assistance to parents as requested.

What Therapies Will My Family Member Receive?
The MNRI® Core Specialist performs reflex evaluations on your family member, then develops a therapy program that is specifically tailored to address the needs of that unique individual, based on the therapies listed below. The program runs for the number of days you choose.

MNRI® Therapies offered through our At Home service:

  1. MNRI® Evaluation of Dynamic and Postural Reflexes Integration 
  2. MNRI® Neurostructural Reflex Integration
  3. MNRI® Tactile Integration
  4. MNRI® Reflex Re-patterning
  5. MNRI® Archetype Movements Integration
  6. MNRI® Oral-Facial Reflexes Integration
  7. MNRI® Visual-Auditory Reflex Integration
  8. MNRI® Upper Limbs Reflex Integration
  9. MNRI® Lower Limbs Reflex Integration
  10. MNRI® Proprioceptive-Cognitive Systems Integration

Program Details

MNRI® At Home Therapy Service Program Packages Available:

The MNRI® Local Package applies when there is an MNRI® Core Specialist living nearby who can drive to your home each day.

The MNRI® To Go Package is your choice when no Core Specialists live near you. If you live outside of the daily driving range, a Core Specialist can either drive or fly to your location dependent on the total distance. The Core Specialist will then stay at a local hotel that is convenient and close to your home.

Costs of the Programs

  1. MNRI® Local Package
    • 6 full hours of therapies per day
    • 1 Core Specialist
    • 1 Day Minimum Cost
  2. - Select from 1 to 5 full days of At Home treatments.
    - $1,000 per day for 6 full hours (6 hours is recommended for maximum results)
    - Mileage for Core Specialist at $.555/mile and tolls

  3. MNRI® To Go Package
    • 6 full hours of therapies per day
    • 1 Core Specialist
    • 2 Day Minimum Cost
  4. - Select from 2 to 5 full days of At Home treatments.
    - $1,000 per day for 6 full hours per day (6 hours is recommended for maximum results)
    - Driving mileage at $.555/mile as applies and tolls
    - Air Fare for Core Specialist to and from your home
    - Hotel Lodging or other lodgings for Core Specialist
    - Mileage to and from airport at $.555/mile + parking

For further Information or questions or to apply for MNRI® At Home Therapy Service, please contact us<br />


The MNRI® At-Home Program by Dr. S. Masgutova is a program that requires Professional Training and MNRI Certification from the SMEI LLC. Only  MNRI® Specialists and MNRI® Instructors are permitted to visit clients at home and present this MNRI® program for families. 
The MNRI® At-Home Program is a copyrighted and trademarked program. It is an exclusive right of the SMEI to organize the At-Home or any related program for families abroad.   For any questions please contact us.


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